FAQ & Terms - iseesalem Podcast Walking Tours

Where should I park?

The most convenient public parking sites are the garages on Derby Street and New Liberty Street as well as the public parking lot on Church Street. Here is a map showing all of the public parking areas.

Is there public transportation in Salem?

Yes, you can reach Salem by commuter rail train or ferry. Take the Newburyport or Rockport lines from North Station or catch the ferry at Central Wharf.

Once in Salem, the only public transportation is the trolley which runs from April through November.

But Salem is very walkable and most destinations will take no more than ten minutes to reach on foot.

Are your tours handicapped accessible?

Our tours involve walking up to several blocks at any one time. Please use your best judgment as to your ability to take the tours.

How long do your tours take?

Our podcast tours are self-guided allowing you to take the tours at your own pace! Just be sure to pause the tour audio between sites.

What if I forget to print out and bring the accompanying maps?

Maps of Salem are available at the Visitors Center on New Liberty Street. The audio portion of the tours will give addresses for each site. The accompanying maps are for preferred use however as they have been designed to follow the specific tours.

Terms of Service

Guests that use the podcast tours at iseesalem are doing so at their own risk. No liability or responsibility is accepted by iseesalem for any injury, damage, loss, accident, expense, or any other claim arising from involvement in taking our walking tours.

The tours take place on the public streets of Salem Massachusetts. Because of the fluxuation in weather in the north east the sidewalks may be bumpy, crooked, cracked, or worse. Please take due care when walking on sidewalks and in the street.  Tours should be taken during daytime hours so you can properly see, and be seen.

If you are wearing headphones to take the tours, please take extra care and attention to moving vehicles and people.

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